Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Our Story Featured on

I've been on a bit of an unintentional hiatus lately. We recently found out that Jeff has kidney stones, and we've been dealing with those for the last several weeks. He's had a couple outpatient procedures and one inpatient hospital stay that dragged on for much longer than anticipated. It was exhausting. And it threw a monkey wrench into our otherwise fairly smooth home routine.

There's a blog post brewing about Jeff's hospital stay - how a chronic condition like SCI can complicate things, how important it is for me to stay by Jeff's side to provide hands-on care and essential communication with hospital staff, and how Jeff and I are a rockstar team when it comes to knowing his body - his condition - and how to best and properly care for him.

That post will come in time.

But for this post, I'd like to share an article in which our family's story is featured. Just before Jeff's hospital stay, I was interviewed by, and they have shared our journey in the Survivors Story section of their website. The article is titled Kristen's Story: Building a New Life as a Caregiver, and features details from Jeff's injury all the way to our new life now.

Here's a peek at the introduction ...

Life can change in the blink of an eye, and for the 12,500 people who survive spinal cord injuries every year, life is forever altered. For Kristen and Jeff Sachs and their daughter Evie, Jeff's spinal cord injury is an unavoidable part of their lives, but by no means the focal point of their shared existence. Kristen is an avid blogger who shares the family's experiences at her blog, New Dawn. New Day. New Life.Sachs agreed to share her family's experiences with, and strives to serve as a beacon of hope and source of information to other families embarking upon the spinal cord injury journey.

We're thankful to for sharing our story to help spread awareness about life after a spinal cord injury.

A life that's hard ... but not impossible.