Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Time for Everything ...

So this is my very first blog post. I've been a blog stalker in the past, but never a poster. I'm a writer by nature (and profession), but I've never had anything in my life that I was so focused on, so passionate about that I felt was blog-worthy.

Until now.

I've created this blog to chronicle our new life - the life we were given after my husband, Jeff, sustained a spinal cord injury in July 2013. We've had so many people supporting us during this first difficult year, that I want a place where I can post info and keep everyone up to date on what's happening. They have cared enough to help us, so I feel they deserve to know how much their support has meant to us.

It's also a place for me to write my feelings as we travel through this unexpected, unplanned detour. It helps to pour out my thoughts and reflections; otherwise, they get bottled up inside, and that's just no good.

So thank you for taking the time to read about our journey. In the words of our sweet 5 year old, Evie, ...

Ready ... Steady ... GO!

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