Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vegas Baby!

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Well, it just so happens we're going to Vegas ...

To stay.


That's right, the Sachs clan is relocating to Sin City. (That sounds so bad - let me try again)

We're moving to Vegas!

Needless to say, we've been busy the last couple months. The decision to leave our life in SoCal and reboot in another state was not entered into lightly. But it did happen quickly. Things just sort of aligned in order for it to happen, and we decided to make the biggest decision of our life.

We leave in a week.

We're very excited.

We'll be living in a house on the same street as Jeff's parents. Three doors down. They are going to be a huge help for us as we enter this new phase of our life. They already have been by getting our new house ready for us and making turnaround trips to transport a lot of our stuff before the moving van arrives next week. They are so excited to have us close by.

My mom is coming with us. She is such a huge help to us, especially with Evie. Nana's and Evie's rooms will be right next to one another, and they are two excited girls.

My dad will stay in CA, but he'll be visiting us often. He's been helping us get ready for the big move, and he'll be driving out to bring one last haul of our stuff a few days after we leave.

I ask you this ... what in the world would we do without our family? I surely don't know.

We will miss our life and our friends in California, but we're looking forward to making a new life in Nevada.

Gotta run - more packing to do and time is running out! Updates will be coming soon as we get settled in to our new life.

Get ready Vegas ... Here we come!!

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    Love you guys, all the best out there!