Monday, June 16, 2014


We are so thankful for our friends. Especially the friends who can see past the wheelchair, the tubes, and the mountain of medical supplies in our home. The friends who still treat us like we're "normal."

We had some of those friends over this weekend. 

Meet the Flynns.

They joined us for a bbq and swimming fun on Saturday.

Here we are at the end of the day with tired, water-logged kids.

Chad is one of Jeff's very best friends. They've known each other since high school. So our families have been through things together like dating years, weddings, and having kids.

The Flynn family was with us at the beach the day of Jeff's accident. Mindy helped to keep Evie safe and preoccupied as emergency responders swarmed the scene. Chad drove my car with Evie in the backseat to the hospital while I rode in the ambulance with Jeff. And later, Chad and I were in the tiny ICU room with Jeff after he was stabilized and sedated, both numb with shock over what had just happened to our best friend/husband. 

It's incidents like this that bond people for life.

The Flynns have helped us in so many ways on this journey. They have organized fundraisers for us and helped spread the word about our story to others. They helped us pack up our lives from the home we lived in at the time of Jeff's accident, and move us to a new, temporary home. But most importantly, they have remained our true friends. They are raising their children as compassionate individuals who see us, extended members of their family, as normal people. To their children, Connor and Camille, Jeff's wheelchair  is just a part of who he is ... a pretty cool part. Connor got his first ride on Uncle Jeff's chair this visit. :)

We had so much fun playing and making memories this weekend. It's still difficult for Jeff to observe from the sidelines as we do things together like go swimming, play in the backyard, and bbq. I imagine it always will be for him. It breaks my heart to watch him watch us instead of actively participate.

But what it comes down to is we have lifelong friends in this family who won't let a disability stop them from having fun with us. 

We love you, Flynns.

Mindy and little Camille.

Connor and Chad having fun.

Evie soars with Uncle Chad.

I love how Evie photobombed this family moment!


  1. Kristen!! My heart is broken to hear about your husband. Your comment on my blog made me come and visit yours!! I am so so sorry for what you are going through!! Life takes us down paths we could never even imagine going! I always used to see parents with kids with disabilities and think that is there life...not mine! is mine now and I never could have guessed that!! My thoughts and prayers are with your sweet family! I have loved reading just a few of these past posts...I can feel your strength even through this difficult new time. I feel like it has taken me several years to gain the strength that I feel you already possess! You are my hero!! Stay strong, keep smiling, and please take time for yourself! It will make all the difference!! I love this post and these true friends of yours!! Trials like this will strengthen some freindships and lose others...but it will also bring new friends that will help you in ways your old friends couldn't!!! All my love, Tessie XOXO

  2. An accident can be a life-changing event in one’s life. It can also be a painful thing to go through, especially if it introduces some major changes in how we deal with things. Thankfully, you have friends like Chad and his family, who never gave up on helping your family -- from fundraising for your husband’s treatment to moral support.

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