Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Homework with Daddy

Every week, Evie has four activities to complete at home for her homework. Yes, she has homework. Yes, she's in pre-school. And yes, I love it.

I know a lot of people complain about having kids do homework at such a young age (I hear kindergarten homework is crazy - as in there's-so-much-of-it), but the work she has now is just perfect for her age. It always involves doing something fun like counting all the shoes in the house and writing down the number. Or thinking of three words that rhyme with "toy." Fun stuff we can all do together.

Each week the focus is on a new letter. This week's letter is ...


One of her activities reads, "With a parent, ride on something that has wheels."

Hmmmm. I wonder what that could be?  I read the activity out loud for Evie to ponder, and Jeff did a circle in his chair to catch her attention.

We could see the moment it clicked ... "Daddy's WHEELCHAIR!"

Like an expert, she climbed up into Jeff's lap, turned around to face forward, and held on to his leg guards. You could tell she'd done this before.

He drove her all around the living room and kitchen. She loves to direct him where to go. Sometimes they venture all the way back to her bedroom. One time they got stuck in the hall and I had to help them back up. Sometimes she pretends he drives the ice cream truck, and she delivers the ice cream by throwing it out the window as they drive by.

I love that this was an activity that only Jeff could complete with her.

It made him happy.

It made her happy.

That always makes me happy.

Later that night, I walked by Jeff's room to find Evie on his bed snuggling with him. I can usually get them to smile if I promise it's the last picture of the evening. This is what I got.

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